Backlit, a ray crosses the plot and opens the sense to pleasure. Not white, not red but pink, the virtuous balance not the unequal, the velvety and fresh with fruity and floral notes, complex but always well received, like the beloved.

controluce wine

Name: Cannonau di Sardegna doc Rosé

Grape variety: Cannonau

Production area: Loc. Tres Montes (Sorso) Sardinia

Vineyard productivity: 60-70 quintals per hectare

Harvest period: last ten days of August, manual harvest

Fermentation: obtained from Cannonau, the autochthonous prince of Sardinian viticulture, after a short contact with the skins, the must obtained after a soft pressing ferments in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 16C, so as to preserve the frankness and the fruity component of the vine.

Maturation: 3 months on its lees with repeated battonnage to put the fine lees back in suspension and preserve the characteristics of freshness and youth of the wine.

Organoleptic test: pale pink color. Wide and enveloping scent, it is characterized by sweet notes of cut fruit, hints of citrus and floral notes such as violet. On the palate it is fine and delicate, fresh, with a good structure.

Alcoholic strength (% vol.): 12.50

Total acidity (g / L tartaric acid): 5.8 g / l

How to serve it: Excellent as an aperitif, and the natural accompaniment to starters of lean cold cuts, first courses also based on fish, second courses based on white meats and fish soup.

How to drink: Serve at 8-10C, uncorking the bottle at the moment of consumption.

Format: Liters 0.75


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controluce wine Controluce